How to press Keyboard in selenium webdriver?

In this article we are going to see the functions for keyboard's keypass key events. I am using c# in vs2010.Before starting , please follow my previous posts for initial setup.To find an element we usedriver.FindElement(By.XPath("String"));if we add send keys as keyboard command, then we can use keyboard event with... [Read More]

How to run selenium webdriver code in IE

In this article we are going to see necessary steps for running selenium web driver code in Internet Explorer. I am using c# code with VS2010. After adding dll in properties of the project , we have to add the references in the upper section of the class. using OpenQA.Selenium.IE;Then... [Read More]

How to run JavaScript in selenium WebDriver

In this following article we will see how can we run custom JavaScript in selenium web driver. I am using c#(VS2010) here. As there are many uses of JS ,this will be a long document. I am providing the basic ideas. I will update incrementally.To run java script , we... [Read More]

How to insert data in Selenium WebDriver

In this article , we will see the functions needed for inserting data in a text box.Usually the input text fields takes data and send request to server(i.e.- Log In page).For this , we have to declear an element outside of method.private IWebElement element;Now inside any method , (for user... [Read More]

How to manage Browser Timeouts in Selenium WebDriver

In this article we will see the functions to control browser timeouts by selenium web driver.For this, we need to create a TimeSpan object(period of time).Public TimeSpan myTime = new TimeSpan (Parameter);We can parametrize it by 4 ways1. ticks//This is Long Type, 1 ticks =100 nanosecond 2. hours, minutes, seconds//All... [Read More]

How to Manage Cookies in Selenium WebDriver

In this article we will see the functions to manage cookie of a browser.In here I am using full c# code, I will provide JAVA code later on.First step should be declaring the driverprivate IWebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();Please follow the your necessary functions from my past posts. Let's start... [Read More]

How to manage browsers in Selenium WebDriver

In this article we are going to see the functions for controlling a web browserI am using C# code(JAVA will given later on) with dot net web driver.-Maximizing Browser : driver.Manage().Window.Maximize(); -Keep browser to specific position of the screen: driver.Manage().Window.Position = new System.Drawing.Point(10,5); In here (x,y)=(10,5)(distance from left upper corner)... [Read More]

Thinking in Selenium WebDriver way for testing

In this following article we are going to learn the basic Test Strategy(the way) to test a web site element using selenium web driver. First , we need to know what selenium web driver does. Selenium web driver fully controls the a browser , get the web elements, get data,... [Read More]

Basic Functions in Selenium IDE

In this following article, we are going to learn some basic commands for working with web elements.From my previous posts, we know how to have setup and have a basic recording technique in selenium IDE.In here we will discuss about popular functions of Selenium IDE and Selenium Web driver. Popular... [Read More]

Testing Web Service(SOAP/XML-RPC) using JMete

  In this article, we are going to see a very simple web service testing procedure using JMeter. Scenario : We are going to test a web service where the service provide us data . To be specific, the service link is, the Data action link The functionality... [Read More]
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Stress Testing in JMeter

In this following article we are going to see how to perform stress testing on a sample website( Before going inside of it, we should have basic idea on what is stress testing ? Stress testing is a form of testing that is used to determine the stability of a... [Read More]
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Introduction to JMeter

In this article we are going to be familiar with JMeter[A free web performance test tool]. This is going to be long, so I may not complete in one day. I will complete in incremental basis. So, lets start about basic. What is JMeter? JMeter is a free tool made... [Read More]
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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver(Tab test)

In this following article we are going to see a simple code writing in selenium WebDriver using VS 2010. Please set up environment for selenium webdriver in VS2010 with NUnit(you may see my previous post for that). What the program will do ? It will validate the tabs of an... [Read More]