[This is out dated, the process is ok, but the hosted files are missing. This process is only for 2.3.3. Learn the concept-thanks, shantonu]

In this article, we are going to learn how to root a Korean android set(Pantech Sky Vega LTE EX IM-A820L). We will also see how to install recovery in this set. Later on we will discuses detail basic on android rooting.
In this blog, we will just see how to do it. All credit goes to XDA developers and this site.

For Rooting : 
Step 1 : Install the driver of the phone (go to pentech site in Google chrome browser or use Google translate , then select you device and download the USB driver. And then install it)
Step 2: Change the phone connecting mode to USB Debugging enabled and allowing Unknown Source application when you connect the phone to PC.
To enable Unknown Source applications , Go to menu –> settings –> Applications –> select, Unknown Sources.
To enable USB Debugging , Go to menu –> settings –> Applications –> Development –> select, USB Debugging
Step 3 : Download and Extract Fast Boot driver from here and Rooting tool from here.
Step 4 : Connect the phone and Go to extracted rooting tool (..\A820Lroot) and run that file "run_me.bat"
This phone will be rooted after reboot and superuser App will be installed. Please check superuser App for rooting verification. If not, do the steps again.

For Recovery :
Step 1 : Download recovery58 and recovery6
Step 2 : Connect Phone to PC as USB mass storage.
Step 3 :  Extract the "A820L-recovery5.8.2.0"
Step 4 : Copy a. recovery folder under extracted A820L-recovery5.8.2.0 (there will be recovery5820.img file) b. A820L_Recovery 6011.zip . Past both in phone.
Step 5 : Use any root file explorer(I use ES Explorer) to copy that two file in the root folder(\root\ )of the phone memory
Step 6 : In the extracted A820L-recovery5.8.2.0, run 刷Recovery.exe. Phone will reboot to recovery
Step 7 : Choose, Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard , select A820L_Recovery 6011.zip  and install it
Step 8 : After finishing installation, come back to first menu and go to advance -> reboot to recovery
Step 9 : After reboot, take a backup For taking backup, goto Backup and restore , choose backup format as tar. then take a backup(it will be clockworkMod backup in the phone memory)
While rebooting in the step 8,you will get a menu, if you select EXIT, then Full recovery will be re-flash and back to default recovery(this is temp mod), but if you select don't re-flash(middle option), then new recovery will be permanent.
Note : For default recovery , volume Up & Down are selecting option and SKY touch button is for entering the option.

For Custom Rom: 
When you took the backup of current ROM in previous step, there is a folder structure saved in the internal memory(EX-\sdcard \clockworkmod\backup\1970-02- This is the backup structure and restoring path. In this set, till now, it is not possible to install ROM directly. We have to use restore method to install new rom. For that we need rom which is kept as restoring format.
Note : This is possible if we have ClockworkMod recovery v6.0.1.1 installed.
Step1: Get latest ROM(Up to OCT 16, 2012) please download this 3 file
1. Part 1., 2. Part 2 , 3.Part 3
Step 2: Now keep all 3 files in a folder and extract any one by using 7zip. These are part files, so they will be extracted to a single folder.(Download Location of 7zip)
Step 3: After extraction , a folder will be created named as "1970-04-". Connect your phone to computer
Step 4: Enable USB storage(so that we can access internal memory of mobile)
Step 5: Open windows explorer and Copy the folder to \clockworkmod\backup and Eject mobile from PB
Step 6 : Now, boot to Recovery( to do that, power off mobile, then press power button + volume down(-), keep pressing until the mobile goes to recovery mode.)
Step 7: Now, From recovery screen Go to Backup & restore
Step 7:Go to Restore and select the  "1970-04-" to restore

And you have done it. You have latest version of Rom Installed. Just reboot and you will get new Rom.

Note : For ClockworkMod recovery , volume Up & Down are selecting option and power button is for entering the option

Notice.... Please do all of these by your own risk. I am not responsible for those. And, frankly I have got several data issues in the New ROM. But, rooting and recovery, taking backup is pretty Awesome.

Spatial Modes : 
Safe mode = Hold Vol Up  after Power
Recovery = Volume Down + Power
Emergency Mode(for self Upgrade) = inserting battery while pressing Vol Up+Vol down+Power