In this article we are going to see the what are the functions needed to select and dis select any web element found by web driver. I am using c# code(vs2010) here.
From my previous post, we know how to find a web element. To select an web element, we need to declare select element object and then assign the found element as selected. So the code will be
private SelectElement myElement ;
element = driver.FindElement(By.XPath("String"));//finding element

We can select an element by 3 ways.

1. To Select the element option by the index(as determined by the "index" attribute of the element)
myElement.SelectByIndex(12); //Here 12 is an integer

2. To Select all options by the text displayed

3. To Select an option by the value.

Like as selected ,deselect can be done in 3 ways also.

In addition, we can deselect all