In this article we are going to see the tricks to run multiple version of firefox in windows 7. You can have multiple version but only one version should be in path variable.

This is spatially needed for running Jmeter with firefox 26 and selenium with latest supported firefox.

Before starting, we have to be sure that there is no firefox install in PC for all users. This is important as by default all firefox driver path are pointed to Program Files (or x86 for 32 bit). If firefox found in this folder, this method will not work. So,

Step 1. Un install firefox from the system if it is available for all users. Delete program data and temp files (for firefox) also.

Step 2. Install Latest firefox in particular user directory or any other drive. I have installed in my user directory.In My PC , updated firefox location is "C:\Users\Shantonu\Mozilla Firefox"

Step 3. As , firefox maintain all settings globally, so run firefox and disable all update from option

You might disable all health reports also form option ->advance->data choice

Step 4. Close firefox an open again to check update disabling works.

Step 5. Close firefox and install firefox 26 in either user directory or other folder. (in image my firefox 26 is installed in user directory). Open firefox and make sure that you see update settings are disabled (from option). In my PC, firefox 26 location is "C:\Users\Shantonu\Mozilla Firefox 26"

Now, technically you are ready to go. But, there might be some issues with firefox profile due to no firefox is installed in default location (mentioned in driver).


For this, you need to create a firefox profile. So,

Step 1 : Close all firefox and open latest firefox profile manager. For that , from start menu -> run this "<path to latest firfox>" -profilemanager
For my PC, it was "C:\Users\Shantonu\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -profilemanager

Step 2 : Create a profile , following the UI instructions. (Create Profile ->



Give name (I gave name JmeterSelenium) and choose a path (my path is "D:\Env\JmeterPlugins\firefoxProfile"). And click Finish.

So, you have created a firefox profile.

Now, if you close all and run , you can run firefox 26 (which should be in path variable) with jmeter and latest firefox with eclipse.
As well as working with latest firefox, you can run jmeter test with firefox 26. 

And, for those people who run selenium , use this code (if u r using java)
System.setProperty("webdriver.firefox.bin", path);
before creating firefox driver.