I have been working on selenium since 2010. I have worked on selenium with c#, Java and Ruby(including watir framework). I am also familiar with selenium python. Topics listed here will be linked to my post. Some, topic you may find with no post as I am working on posting on those topics. My initial examples and work with selenium c#. We can work in selenium in

  1. Browser : Firefox driver, Chrome driver, IE, PhantomJS, Opera driver, Safari driver, Html Driver
  2. Mobile : Android driver, IOS driver

Selenium DotNet

  1. Setting up Selenium Webdriver
  2. Recording in Selenium IDE and Generating WebDriver Code
  3. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver(Tab test)
  4. Basic Functions in Selenium IDE
  5. Test Thinking in Selenium WebDriver way
  6. How to manage browsers in Selenium WebDriver
  7. How to Manage Cookies in Selenium WebDriver
  8. How to insert data in Selenium WebDriver
  9. How to Find a web element in Selenium Webdriver
  10. How to manage Browser Timeouts in Selenium WebDriver
  11. How to work with Window and Frames in Selenium WebDriver
  12. How to select and deselect web element in selenium webdriver.
  13. Working with Selected item in Selenium Webdriver
  14. How to run JavaScript in selenium WebDriver
  15. How to run selenium webdriver code in IE
    • Setting Authentication via http URL(htaccess)
  16. How to press Keyboard in selenium webdriver?
  17. How to drag and drop in Selenium webdriver
  18. Actions in selenium webdriver
  19. Administrating Firefox in Selenium Webdriver
  20. How to work with Proxy in Selenium WebDriver
  21. How to change user agent in Firefox by selenium webdriver
  22. How to run selenium webdriver in Google Chrome?
  23. How to take a screenshot in selenium webdriver?
  24. How to work with a web element in Selenium WebDriver
  25. How to work with JavaScript Alert in Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Java

Selenium Wrappers

Selenium Test Project Architecture

  • Layered Architecture
  • Event Driven Architecture