Codeception is a PHP based Acceptance / Functional/Unit Test framework powered by PHPUnit. We write test code in BDD style(with Guy Classes) . It runs in server where Application hosted. It has selenium webdriver integrated(PHP). We can also run tests written in PHP Unit and selenium php. I will be listing all of my codeception related posts here.

  1. Introduction to Codeception? How it works?
  2. How to initiate CodeCeption Test Suite? -> Installing Codeception in windows. -> Initiating Test Suite for codeCeption(How to make a test suit?)
  3. How to Configure Codeception?
  4. What are the modules in Codeception?
  5. How to Run Test in Codeception?
  6. How to enable/disable modules in Codeception?
  7. What is Cest Test Case format in Codeception? How to create Cest Test Case?
  8. What is Cept format test case in Codeception? How to create Cept Test cases?
  9. How to create PHPUnit Test Case in Codeception?
  10. Introduction to Codeception Acceptance testing?
  11. Introduction to Codeception Functional testing?
  12. Introduction to Codeception Unit testing? -> Enabling Webdriver/Selenium/Selenium2/ PhpBrowser for acceptance testing -> Enabling Phalcon1 for functional testing