how to do video profile

When you start freelancing/independent work, you need to showcase your skills in confident way to convince people to invest in you.

Here are some key points you can include in a short video , ideally 5 min, maximum 10 min.

  • Dress decently, not necessarily formally
  • Begin with introducing yourself
  • mentioning your Education
  • Technical skills (probably top 5)
  • online courses you have taken.
  • Tell more about what you exactly did in the last 2-3 projects.
  • What were you currently building?
  • What is the achievement in your career that you are the most proud of?
  • what excites you about applying for opportunities?
  • Tell us about a challenge you came across at work and how did you solve it?
  • Share with us a situation, where you did not get along with someone you work with, tell us how you handled it.