In this article we are going to see how can we analyze a web page Performance for Optimization. This is actually a continuing post for performance requirements and SLA.

In my last post, we have seen how can we measure page time (navigation) from browser, browser plugins or addons, selenium , jmeter-selenium , proxy , JS libraries. We saw only navigation time measurement which actually lead us to do further analysis to do optimization.

Browser tolls :

  1. YSlow
  2. PageSpeed
  3. WebpageTest
  4. GtMatrix

A good case study you may find here :

Note : Like all optimization activity, the suggestions which we get from tools does not mean we must implement that. We have choose particular optimization suggestion based on context. Example, making page lightweight, we can minimize as much as we can but we must take of not breaking expected functionality, usability, time& budget.

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