In this article, we are going to see how can we start Jmeter from source code. This is important for extending jmeter, creating own plugins, sending custom protocol requests.

Download jmeter applcaiotn Download the code fron here Extract it and goto the folder that you have extracted Add the .project file (you can create also, here is the link), this is a standard project file for eclipse rename Eclipse.classpath to .classpath

now, From jmeter application directory copi directory to another location make api, ext, junit, opt folders and download this two api and keep in api folder keep all extensions in ext junit jar, in jnunit opt contains all rest of jars (as quckli i am running, I will expalin which jars for what later on)

Open ecplise Click File, import select Existing ptoject show the directory pointing the jmeter code keep the source in copiec to workspace now, from explorer copy Lib and past to imported project It will marge to lib directory of the project This step is important if we do not want to buils ant for downloading a all of the lib files. Now, in ecplise, windos, show view , ant from project, drag & build.XML to ant window it will get the build file , now run as androif build. (not, you maigh fiund some error related to workspace\lib not found, as that is mentioned in ant script, if you do not want to change the script, just copy the lib directory and past to your workspace. Later on we will show hoe to change the Ant script to know ehre is the workspace of ecplise, see window>preferrence>general>startup & Shutdown

core > package org.apache.jmeter.util;

JMeterUtils loadJMeterProperties