15 sections • 74 lectures • 13h 8m total length Preview 04:35 Important Note- Where to Find Code files of course 00:27 Important Player Tips for Best learning Experience: 03:23 Preview 10:33 Setting up Database and Tables as Prerequiste for driving data 10:50 SQL Queries for project implementation 00:08 JDBC Connection to read the values of DB through Java 20:54 Creating POJO classes for converting DB results into Java objects 16:49 Converting Java objects to Json file using Jackson API 15:35 Retrieve Multiple results into Array list of Java objects for further Parsing 16:16 How to merge multiple Json files into one Giant nested Json 12:44 Introduction to Gson,JSONArray for building Json dynamically 14:06 Apache common String Utilities to Parse strings with escape characters 16:37 Parse Json file into Java object to send the data through getter Methods 13:51 Section 2, 3-Code Download 00:02 What is Docker? How it helps in Automation Industry? 09:17 What are containers and Images in Docker Software? 08:23 How exactly Virtual machines are different from Docker 08:56 How to Install Docker into Machines with Prerequisites needed 07:25 Understand working with DockerHub 16:34 Remote WebDriver capabilities details for Selenium Docker Integration 12:01 Invoking Docker with Chrome and Firefox Images for Selenium Tests 06:02 Idea of Integrating Docker with Selenium Grid 07:08 Docker compose file in creating Nodes and Hub 15:34 Making the Docker Project TestNG Compatible 12:17 Parallel Distribution of tests with Multiple Dockers 06:46 Create Window Batch files for invoking server 12:10 Reading the Server log files through Java using Buffered Reader 19:16 Monitor Server logs continuously from Your program for Synchronizing tests 23:43 Build bat file for Scale Chrome instances and deleting file Logs 17:21 Automate all manual tasks of cleaning data fo every test run 14:36 Section 4,5, 6 -Code download 00:02 Integrate Docker tests with Maven and Jenkins 12:15 What are Jenkin Pipelines? How important it is in Agile? 08:33 Jenkin Pipeline view plugin to chain the jobs -Demo 17:36 Groovy Scripted Syntax to build pipeline on fly 11:59 Create Pipeline job and Construct it using Declarative Syntax-Demo 14:29 Importance of JenkinsFile and its Keywords for Pipeline building 02:21 Jenkin file download 00:03 Demo- Push the JenkinFIle into Github and Start running Pipeline 09:42 Section 8, 9 - Code download 00:02 Importance of Data Provider and Excel Integration for better Data driven 08:31 Understand Dataprovider and how it sends data in Multidimensional array 16:19 Get Excel dependencies and connect from java code to excel 21:24 Live demo on integrating Excel to Dataprovider to parameterize data 18:02 Section 10 Code download 00:01 What are Java Streams and Lambda Expressions? 10:27 Smart Usage of Stream filters to filter out the results 18:37 How to use forEach on Streams to print the collections list 06:38 Usage of Map and its importance in Streams API with example 16:19 Demonstration on Match, Sorted, Merging Streams functionality 10:32 Collecting Stream parsed data back into Collections array 16:47 Section 11 Code Download 00:01 Introduction to GIT 08:41 Importance of Github and its uses 09:05 Creating Git config and repositories 08:39 How to push code to remote repository 01:40 Understanding Staging and commit in git 11:35 Add remote repository and push the committed code 08:53 End to end working example on Git commands -1 15:48 End to end working example on Git commands -2 06:15 Importance of Branching in GIT 24:55 How to resolve Merge conflicts with GIT 14:17 Upcoming Topics 00:06 Introduction to Grid 10:57 Registering Hub with nodes for execution. 12:28 Registering nodes with Browser drivers 11:24 Desiredcapabilities and RemoteWebdriver importance 16:22 Cross browser testing rules-Grid Program 07:56 Importance of Jenkins in Test frameworks 10:42 Install and configure Jenkins 10:45 Configuring Jenkin Settings and Workspace 12:18