In this article we are going to see how we can install Calibre Server in Ubuntu.

What is Calibre?

  • Its a e-book manager with cli utilities for file type conversion.
  • It is used as personal library in own hosting.

Why Calibre Server?

  • I can access my library any where in internet
  • I can share opensource & no-copyright books with friends.


  • Get a Ubuntu PC/VM or in my case a container in my proxmox (PVE)host.

update & upgrade

apt install -y git curl wget build-essential python3-pip xvfb imagemagick calibre

git clone

python3 -m pip install –system –target vendor -r requirements.txt

blank metadata.db

adding your files

xvfb-run calibredb add ~/calibre-upload/* –library-path ~/calibre-library—Linux-Mint-19

blank DB :