What is Docker?

Why Docker?

Docker Installation

  • Windows
  • Linux

Hello World

Docker Basics : What is a Container? What is a Docker Image? What is a Docker Registry?

Docker Architecture :

  • Overview
  • Full Picture
  • Components
  • CLI
  • Client

Docker Commands :

  • Run a Container
  • Publish a Port
  • Use Detached Mode
  • List Containers
  • Name or Rename a Container
  • Stop or Kill a Running Container
  • Restart a Container
  • Create a Container Without Running
  • Remove Dangling Containers
  • Run a Container in Interactive Mode
  • Execute Commands Inside a Container
  • Work With Executable Images
  • Create a Docker Image
  • Tag Docker Images
  • List and Remove Docker Images
  • Understand the Many Layers of a Docker Image
  • Build NGINX from Source
  • Optimize Docker Images

Networking Basics :

  • Create a User-Defined Bridge in Docker
  • Attach a Container to a Network in Docker
  • Detach Containers from a Network in Docker
  • Get Rid of Networks in Docker
  • Containerize a Multi-Container JavaScript Application
  • Run the Database Server
  • Work with Named Volumes in Docker
  • Access Logs from a Container in Docker
  • Create a Network and Attaching the Database Server in Docker
  • Write the Dockerfile
  • Execute Commands in a Running Container
  • Write Management Scripts in Docker
  • Compose Projects Using Docker-Compose

Docker Tips :

  • Create Executable Docker Images
  • Share Your Docker Images Online
  • Containerize a JavaScript Application
  • Write the Development Dockerfile
  • Work With Bind Mounts in Docker
  • Work With Anonymous Volumes in Docker
  • Perform Multi-Staged Builds in Docker
  • Ignore Unnecessary Files

Docker Compose: Basics

  • Start Services in Docker Compose
  • List Services in Docker Compose
  • Execute Commands Inside a Running Service in Docker Compose
  • Access Logs from a Running Service in Docker Compose
  • Stop Services in Docker Compose
  • Compose a Full-stack Application in Docker Compose

Testing With Docker :

  • Test Containers
  • Data Containers
  • Testing In Production (shadow)
  • Jmeter with docker
  • Selenium Testing in docker
  • API testing in docker

Docker Monitoring :

  • App monitoring
  • Grafana
  • InfluxDB

Example : A. Jmeter Grafana InfluxDB system for live performance Monitoring B. Selenium Chrome headless compatibility Grid testing with screenshot & video.

Docker Memes :)