Courses which I used to take online. If you are interested to join any batch, please contact me by email. (check contact page)

Long time course

  Java for testers   200hr
  Java novice to advance   100hr
  Python for Java Testers   100hr
  Jmeter novice to advance   100hr

Weekly Workshops 5 days

  Performance Testing Basics to Advance   40hr
  Jmeter for a beginner   40hr
  Selenium-Java   40hr
  Practical Approach to build Java Selenium Frameworks   40hr
  Jmeter/Plugin Development   40hr
  Patterns & Architecture for Automation   40hr
  API Testing with PostMan-NewMan   40hr
  API Testing novice to advance   40hr
  API Testing with RestAssured   40hr

3 day Workshops

  APM Basics Newrelic/Dynatrace/AppDynamics   20hr
  Java Profiling for Performance Improvement   20hr
  DotNet Profiling for Performance Improvement   20hr
  UI/WEB Performance Analysis   20hr
  Unit Testing with Junit5   20hr
  Unit Testing with JestNG   20hr
  CI/CD with Jenkins   20hr
  Build Pipeline with Jenkins/Gitlab   20hr
  Kubernetes for Beginners   20hr
  Proxmox for Beginners   20hr
  Performance Testing, A Practical Approach   20hr

Day Long Workshops

  Mobile Testing with Robotium   5hr
  Mobile Testing with Appium   5hr
  Cucumber with Java   5hr
  Specflow with Dotnet   5hr
  Fitnesse-Java   5hr
  [Docker for Testers] (   5hr