Courses which I used to take online.

Long time course

  Java for testers   100hr
  Java novice to advance   100hr
  Python for Java Testers   100hr
  Jmeter novice to advance   100hr

Weekly Workshops 5 days

  Performance Testing Basics to Advance   40hr
  Jmeter for a beginner   40hr
  Selenium-Java   40hr
  Practical Approach to build Java Selenium Frameworks   40hr
  Jmeter/Plugin Development   40hr
  Patterns & Architecture for Automation   40hr
  API Testing with PostMan-NewMan   40hr
  API Testing novice to advance   40hr
  API Testing with RestAssured   40hr

3 day Workshops

  APM Basics Newrelic/Dynatrace/AppDynamics   20hr
  Java Profiling for Performance Improvement   20hr
  DotNet Profiling for Performance Improvement   20hr
  UI/WEB Performance Analysis   20hr
  Unit Testing with Junit5   20hr
  Unit Testing with JestNG   20hr
  CI/CD with Jenkins   20hr
  Build Pipeline with Jenkins/Gitlab   20hr
  Kubernetes for Beginners   20hr
  Proxmox for Beginners   20hr
  Performance Testing, A Practical Approach   20hr

Day Long Workshops

  Mobile Testing with Robotium   5hr
  Mobile Testing with Appium   5hr
  Cucumber with Java   5hr
  Specflow with Dotnet   5hr
  Fitnesse-Java   5hr
  Docker for Testers   5hr