In this article we are going to see some necessary string operations that can be done using jmeter function.
Jmeter provides a lots of functions for operation over string/data. Some technique are describe below.

1. ${__escapeOroRegexpChars([^"].+?,MyVer)}
-This will escape the ORO Regexp meta characters to java \Q\E Regexp engine. From example, it will be \[\^\"\]\.\+\?

 -It has two parameter, first one(mandatory) the string to escape and the second one is the variable name to save.

2. ${__char(65)
-This function converts from a integer value(parameter) to Unicode character . In the example, it will give A.
- The parameter value is integer(default Decimal, can be Hex, binary, octal)
-This allows us to add characters to a field.
-Helpful for identifying items.
3. ${__unescape(\t\n\r)}
-The __unescape function returns a string result of evaluating a Java-escaped string like as __char() above.
-It has one parameter which is mandatory. This is more like Jaca-escaped string.
-This allows  us to add characters to a field.
-Helpful for identifying items.

4. ${__escapeHtml( "Shantonu" & "Test" )}
-It escapes characters in a string using HTML entities,
-It supports HTML 4.0
-It has one parameter, the string to escape. This function will hide spatial string (our chosen) and shown with HTML formatting. The example will be converted in to
"Shantonu" & "Test"

5. ${__unescapeHtml("Shantonu" & "Test")}
-It is opposite of Escape HTML , so  we will give HTML formatted text and get string formatted data.
From the example we will get "Shantonu" & "Test"