In this article we are going learn about how can we install PHP extensions? In my previous post we have learned about how to set up PHP in windows, no we will install PHP extensions.

PHP is very renounced web development framework. As it went older, many open source projects have been build on PHP. So we get a lots of extension module find in the web. I will give three examples and the technique , how to do.

Step 1: In our Apache server, under PHP folder we get a folder named ext.
XAMPP : D:\xampp\php\ext
WAMP : D:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3\ext

This is the main folder container of all extension DLLs. So, if we want to install any Extension, we have download the DLLs of the extension and keep that in this folder.

Step 2: Now, In PHP directory (let say for XAMPP, it will be D:\xampp\php) we will see php.ini. This is PHP configuration file which is loaded when ever PHP started. We have to add our extenuation entry in the file. Example : for curl, we need to write this line "extension=php_curl.dll" . In this ini file, any line start with Semi Colon (;) refers to disabled(commented).

Step 3: Restart Apache server to apply.

For PHP cURL ( It is a php supported cUrl command interface) :
1. Download & install curl from here or here
2. In PHP.ini, Add this line extension=php_curl.dll
3. Restart Apache
Note: Make sure that , after install cUrl, you can see"ssleay32.dll" and "libeay32.dll". 
And, Keep cUrl location (C:\Program Files\cURL\bin ) in system path variable(see this post to know how to do that)

For Phalcon Framework :
1. Download correct edition of phalcon from this link and extract it( I have used phalcon_x86_VC11_php5.5.0_1.2.6 with XAMPP)
2. Keep the DLL in EXT folder

3. In PHP ini, add this line  extension=php_phalcon.dll
4. Restart Apache

Open SSL : (PHP comes with defalt dll, but we need our OS to support)

1. Download Open SSL from here (this one I have used Win64 OpenSSL v1.0.1f)
2. In PHP ini, add this line  extension=php_openssl.dll
3. Restart Apache

These are very basics, I will add more extensions as soon as I get chance to work with it.

Thanks ...:)