In this article we are going to see how can we perform DB testing for other DB than MS SQL.

We can find driver class and DB url patterns from my previous post.
The common steps we can find from my post here. We have to change the driver , and the class/db url from that post only.
So, the drivers(.jar file) for different DBs are located in following links.
For Oracle: Driver link is here
For MySQL: Driver link is here
For PostgreSQL: Driver link is here
For Ingres (2006): Driver link is here(parent link here)
For Apache Derby: Driver link is here(extract one release and get derbyclient.jar from lib)
For SQL Server (Sourgeforge Driver): Driver link is here
For Cassandra : Driver link is here
For SQLite: Driver link is here or (this or this )
For Microsoft Access(ODBC bridged) : No Need to Download Driver (for more idea, see this)
For Microsoft Access(StelsMDB) : Driver link is here

I have tested on mysql, sql server(2005, 2008, sqlexpress)

Note : All DB list here . When we need to test any specific one, wither we have find the driver or we may have to write the driver in JAVA.