In this article we are going to see what are additional features/items added after installing jmeter plugin (Google Plugin) and what we can do with it. I will discuses about Logic Controller only which represents stored variable. To know about basic of jmeter see my this page. And, the process to install plug in , see this post.

After adding the plugin, we will get jp@gc - Parameterized Controller, as a Logic Controller. To add this, first add a thread in the test plan and right click on thread > Logic Controller >jp@gc - Parameterized Controller.

What is jp@gc - Parameterized Controller? It is same as a container that stores User define variable.
Usually we store a variable in Test Plan(like as picture).
But, we can also save the variable in side of the test plan along with test steps.

Function is same, but there is small work difference. jp@gc - Parameterized Controller stores variables and supply the parameters to steps under or bottom if it's presence. And, we can add multiple jp@gc - Parameterized Controller. And, a jp@gc - Parameterized Controller can reefer to its parent jp@gc - Parameterized Controller.