In this article we are going to see how can we install calabash(android/ios) in our PC(windows , Linux).
Before starting, we need to know what is calabash? I will discuses spatially about calabash-android. Calabash is mainly mobile test tool similar to cucumber.( let's assume mobile version of cucumber). Calabash-android is specific to android applications on android devices, where as calabash-ios is specific to IOS devices.
Calabash is build on Ruby(like as cucumber). So, we need Ruby to be installed in the PC. If  you  have ruby installed, you need not to follow this step.
- Download and install ruby from this link .( I am using version 1.9.3)
- While installation , please select auto path variable adding. It will add path to environment variable.


(you may add this manually , but I use auto adding)
To test, whether ruby installed or not, type ruby -v in command prompt.

Now, we need to Install Calabash android. Open command prompt (as admin) or terminal (use su/ sudo command before installation command to get super user permission). In command we have to write ruby gem installation package command for calabash(as calabash is a ruby package). Write
gem install calabash-android

So, we are done.. it is very easy.. After the command , you can see installation success details. To test, it is installed or not, type

Thanks ... :)