In this article we are going to see how can we change property of JMeter.
Jmeter has a very big number of properties. In this section we will see the result / report settings mention in jmeter.propertie.

In the jmeter installed bin directory(in my case C:\apache-jmeter-2.8\bin), we get a file named Open this with note pad. We can find various properties which are activated and some are not yet activated.

-To set results file type(xml/csv)

-To set encoding (default ISO-8859-1)

-To set saving parameters [True parameters will be saved][Only for CSV] [Not for CSV] [Save Response Data on fail] HH:mm:ss.SSS[our choice]\t[For TAB character separator for CSV, a comma , is also accepted] [CSV only]

-To see results with Nano Second Parameter

-To disable the background thread[result threads]
Note: Values >=0 will keep the thread sleep (Nano Second Unit.)

-To Save the start time stamp (Instead of the end)[Effective for result files also]

-To save list variable names with values in the result data files, we use commas to separate the names.
[Note :  Currently it saves the values in XML as attributes,so the names must be valid XML names]

-To set network response size in calculation method
Note : Size = Number of bytes for response body return by web server. If it is false, the (uncompressed) response data size will used (default before jmeter 2.5)
Include headers: Add the headers size in real size

-To set Prefix to identify file names that are relative to the current base

This will be long post as all specification depends on client. I will try to add more from further experiences.