In this article we are going to see javaws commands.

What is javaws?

javaws launches Java applications/applets hosted on a network. Javaws is Java Web Start launcher launches Java Web Start, a reference implementation of JNLP(Java Network Launching Protocol).


Javaws has three type for command format.

javaws [options] 
javaws [options] [URL] 
javaws [options] [jnlp-file]
  • Without any options javaws will launch the JNLP Application Manager, from which users can launch applications/applet or configure Java Web Start.
  • With a URL specified for a JNLP , javaws will launch the Java application/applet specified in the JNLP file.

javaws Options :

  • online : Runs in online mode (default behavior).
  • offline : Runs Java Web Start in offline mode.
  • viewer : Runs the Java Application Cache Viewer.
  • uninstall : The entire cache is removed
  • uninstall (URL) : Removes a specific application/applet from the user’s cache(URL in JNLP file). -updateVersions : Updates the Java Web Start configuration file.
  • system : Uses the system cache. -wait : The javaws process will not exit until the application exits.

import options(jnlp file):

import [Import options] [jnlp file]
  • Imports the application specified by URL into the user’s cache but does not run it. The Import options are
    • silent : imports in silent mode( no UI pop up).
    • codebase (url) : Replaces the code base with (url) in the jnlp file specified when importing the resources
    • system : Uses the system cache instead of the user cache.
    • shortcut : Creates shortcuts during silent import.
    • association : Creates the associations during silent import.
  • open (arguments) : If specified, replaces the arguments in the jnlp file with -open (arguments).
  • print (arguments) : If specified, replaces the arguments in the jnlp file with -print (arguments).
  • userConfig (property name) : Clears the specified deployment property.
  • userConfig (property name) (property value) : Sets the specified deployment property to the specified value.
  • J(option) : Passes option to the java launcher by javaws
  • Xclearcache: Clears the user’s cache.
  • Xnosplash : Disables the display of the initial splash screen.

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